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Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy

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    Any entrepreneurial activity is fraught with constant risks, whether it be intra-production, investment, etc.

    In conditions of competition and the influence of external factors, such as inflation, not all entrepreneurs manage to make effective managerial decisions to minimize negative consequences. The result is an inability to maintain financial stability and insolvency.

    Temporary insolvency of the debtor is the basis for the lender or the debtor to appeal to the court for the application of the rehabilitation procedure, and persistent insolvency is the reason for initiating bankruptcy proceedings against the debtor.

    The rehabilitation and bankruptcy procedures are quite lengthy and include several stages that have many nuances.

    Competent legal support of all stages of each of the procedures allows either to improve the financial situation of the entrepreneur or to terminate his activities in a legal way, taking into account the interests of bankrupt creditors.

    Our lawyers have sufficient experience in legal support of rehabilitation and bankruptcy procedures at all stages. We represented both debtors and creditors in these procedures.

    Representing the interests of the Client, we offer comprehensive support or the solution of specific business problems:

    •  Assistance in preparing the necessary documents for declaring bankrupt / applying the rehabilitation procedure.
    •  Representing a debtor / creditor in rehabilitation / bankruptcy courts.
    •  Representation of the interests of the debtor / creditor in meetings / committees of creditors.
    •  Appeal against the action or inaction of the rehabilitation / bankruptcy manager.
    •  Assistance in initiating bankruptcy proceedings.
    •  Assistance in developing a rehabilitation plan and coordinating it with a meeting of creditors.

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