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Real estate and construction

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    Contrary to allegations of a global crisis in the global economy, the real estate and construction sector always has growth potential and investment attractiveness, since the state and banks are interested in supporting, maintaining and financing it. Investments in real estate (both during its construction and during operation) were and remain profitable, and such assets themselves are liquid.

    This sphere of civil legal relations is very broad and multifaceted, its subjects (customers and contractors, buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants, developers and investors / equity participants, etc.) are diverse and heterogeneous, as well as their needs, goals, interests.

    And therefore, work in this segment requires good knowledge not only of legislation in the field of architecture and construction, but also of tax, financial, land, environmental law, relevant competencies in the field of audit, analysis and marketing.

    Our company’s specialists possess such knowledge and skills to put them into practice, have rich and varied experience in this field, are ready to offer comprehensive assistance or solve one of your tasks, are customer-oriented and therefore are always guided by an individual approach in finding a solution and assessing risks.

    We will also help to understand the intricacies of migration law. In the framework of this practice, our experts advise and accompany foreign citizens on all issues, including: registration with the authorized migration and tax authorities (assignment of IIN), obtaining a residence permit in the Republic of Kazakhstan, procedures for obtaining citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan, issues of visa support.

    The range of our services is the widest:

    •  Consulting on various issues of legislation in the field of real estate and construction.
    •  Preparation of draft contracts, the subject of which is real estate (purchase and sale, rental, gift, etc.) and support for the conclusion of transactions related to real estate.
    •  Tax advice on the acquisition and disposal of real estate.
    •  Support of state registration of rights and encumbrances on real estate.
    •  Restoration of title documents for a property.
    •  Release of property from encumbrances.
    •  Advice on land acquisition, change of purpose, association and separation of land, compensation for agricultural losses.
    •  Consulting and support at various stages of construction (development, examination of design estimates, construction work, commissioning of constructed facilities).

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