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Licensed licensing practice

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    There are types of activities that entrepreneurs can carry out only if they have a license issued by the relevant state body. The issuance of a license is preceded by a kind of check of the entrepreneur for compliance with the requirements of the state to the entities implementing it.

    Thus, a license is a document confirming the right of its holder to carry out activities specified in the license.

    On the contrary, carrying out licensed activities without a license is an offense for which administrative and, in certain cases, criminal liability is provided.

    Our lawyers have extensive experience in this practice. We will advise you, draw up and help to collect all the necessary documents, go through the coordination, verification, certification, etc.

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    •  To engage in educational activities.
    •  In the field of architecture, urban planning and construction.
    •  For medical and pharmaceutical activities.
    •  For the development of cryptographic information protection tools.
    •  To carry out activities in the field of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol and alcohol products, production of tobacco products.
    •  In the field of export and import.
    •  In the field of gambling.
    •  In the field of transport.
    •  To carry out work and provide environmental services.
    •  For the implementation of security activities by legal entities.
    •  For tourism operator activities.

    Permits for various activities, including:

    •  To attract foreign labor ..
    •  On registration, recounting of periodicals and news agencies.
    •  On registration, rediscount of foreign and domestic television, radio channels and others.

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