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Labor and Migration Law

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    Our company has a successful and diverse experience in the field of labor, employment and migration law. The company’s specialists are ready to provide effective and highly qualified assistance, both to employers and employees, on all issues related to labor relations, including:

    •  Drafting and legal analysis of contracts and agreements (labor, liability, non-disclosure of trade secrets, civil law, outstaffing, etc.).
    •  Development and legal analysis of the internal documentation of the employer for compliance with the requirements of the law and the labor protection system (job descriptions, rules, regulations, memos, standards of production processes, payment and bonus systems, etc.).
    •  Consideration of environmental requirements in contractual practice.
    •  Comprehensive assistance in organizing paperwork and personnel records.
    •  Advising on all issues of labor law and labor policy (labor standards, remuneration, layoffs, layoffs, labor discipline, disciplinary action, etc.).
    •  Legal support during the implementation of various organizational and staffing measures (with staff optimization, termination of employment, the application of disciplinary measures, etc.).
    •  Assistance in resolving labor disputes and conflicts (participation in negotiations, conducting claim correspondence), as well as representing the interests of the parties to such a dispute in court, if the solution is not reached peacefully.
    •  Proposals for improving the effectiveness of personnel policy and corporate governance.

    In addition, for employers interested in attracting foreign specialists, we offer comprehensive assistance and support in obtaining, extending, replacing, in the prescribed manner, permits for attracting foreign labor.

    We will also help to understand the intricacies of migration law. In the framework of this practice, our experts advise and accompany foreign citizens on all issues, including: registration with the authorized migration and tax authorities (assignment of IIN), obtaining a residence permit in the Republic of Kazakhstan, procedures for obtaining citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan, issues of visa support.

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