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Intellectual law

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    It is no coincidence that we made intellectual property rights into an independent section of the site..

    And the point here is not only that in the conditions of the dynamic development of science and technology, focus on the disclosure of the creative potential of the individual, on the one hand, and globalization and the lack of information “borders”, on the other, there is the problem of intellectual “piracy”.

    It is worth taking into account the economic aspect: every business entity needs to declare itself, to make its product easily and quickly recognizable to consumers, to distinguish it from similar products of competitors, create an “image / name” and reputation, and protect it their.

    The scope under consideration covers copyright and related rights, patent law, rights to means of individualization.

    In our country, the objects of intellectual property rights include:

    •  The results of intellectual creative activity (including: works of science, literature and art; performances, staging, phonograms and broadcasts of broadcasting and cable broadcasting organizations; inventions, utility models, industrial designs; selection achievements; topologies of integrated circuits; undisclosed information, including production secrets (know-how) and other results of intellectual creative activity).
    •  Means of individualization of participants in civil turnover, goods, works or services (including: company names; trademarks (service marks); appellations of origin (indication of origin) of goods and other means of individualization).

    Improving the sphere of protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights is a worldwide trend. And therefore, everyone can be involved in a dispute about the existence and extent of such rights or their violation. For example, when performing a song without the consent of the author, with the similarity of the logo or name of your company with the logo of another company, when selling spare parts for automobiles and equipment of well-known manufacturers purchased from third parties, and not from the manufacturer itself; when revealing facts of counterfeit products under your trademark, etc.

    Our experts have sufficient experience, possess the necessary knowledge, tact to provide you with qualified assistance in such a thin and complex field.

    Our services:

    •  Intellectual Property Advice.
    •  Preparation of documents and support for registration of results of intellectual activity and means of individualization.
    •  Development and analysis of contracts.
    •  Dispute Resolution.

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