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Family law

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    This area of jurisprudence as family law is very specific, since it affects relations between relatives and close people. The problematic issues of this relationship, whether it be a divorce, a division of spouses’ property, a requirement to pay child support, and much more are always stressful for either side. Our goal: showing tact, but also a constructive approach, as much as possible to resolve the delicate issues of the Client in this area.

    We will help resolve the following issues:

    •  Marriage agreement (assistance in preparation and conclusion on conditions favorable to the Client, recognition of it as invalid or partially invalid).
    •  Divorce (taking into account the interests of the Client).
    •  Section of property of spouses.
    •  Comprehensive assistance in organizing paperwork and personnel records.
    •  Collection of alimony for children, parents, spouses.
    •  Parenting and guardianship of children: residence of the child; terms of the child’s visits with the second parent; restriction of parental rights; establishment of paternity, etc.

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