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Environmental law

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    Environmental law is an independent, however, relatively “young” branch of Kazakhstani law, the subject of which is the legal regulation of relations in the sphere of interaction between society and nature.

    The development of this industry is due to modern trends in social development. The state and society pay more attention to environmental protection and the formation of responsible environmental management. At the forefront is the “environmental friendliness” of projects, products, processes. The requirements for environmental safety of facilities and works have been increased and liability measures for their violation have been significantly tightened.

    Lawyers, for their part, note an increase in the number of environmental disputes considered by courts and an increase in the need for clients for specialists with comprehensive knowledge of law, biology, chemistry, engineering, and technosphere safety, since it is precisely such specialists who are able to organize competent and effective protection against unreasonable or overstated claims from authorized environmental authorities.

    In this regard, we can offer:

    •  Environmental Duty Stagecoach.
    •  Environmental Dispute Advice and Representation.
    •  Consideration of environmental requirements in contractual practice.

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