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Dispute Resolution

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    One of the oldest practices of our company is representation in court and assistance in resolving disputes.

    The conduct of each legal case is a specific task requiring an analytical approach and a thorough knowledge of the law.

    Experienced lawyers of our company:

    •   Conduct a legal examination of the dispute materials;
    •   Assess the prospects for the upcoming trial and determine the tactics of conducting the trial;
    •   Conduct a comparative analysis of judicial practice in similar cases;
    •   If necessary, they will assist in collecting the necessary evidence in the case and much more.
    •   We will help you go through all the vicissitudes of the lawsuits and win the case.

    We have sufficient experience in disputes:

    •   In the field of marriage and family relations (divorce, division of property, alimony, etc.);
    •   In the field of inheritance;
    •   About debt collection;
    •   In the field of housing relations;
    •   About compensation for harm (damage), including in an accident;
    •   On the protection of honor and dignity;
    •   On establishing facts of legal significance;
    •   Related to property rights;
    •   In the field of public procurement;
    •   With government agencies, incl. tax;
    •   Corporate disputes;
    •   About bankruptcy or rehabilitation;
    •   About recognizing transactions as invalid;
    •   Appealing against actions of bailiffs, etc.

    What are we doing:

    •   Assistance in pending litigation.
    •   Representation of clients’ interests in all courts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, incl. arbitration in various categories of civil disputes.
    •   Preparation of all types of court documents (statements of claim, settlement, mediation agreements, complaints, motions, responses, objections, etc.).
    •   Assistance in collecting evidence required for the trial.
    •   Assistance in enforcement proceedings and support for the execution of judicial acts (imposition of arrests in the framework of securing and enforcing court decisions, lifting arrests, monitoring and coordinating the actions of bailiffs).
    •   Assistance in the enforcement in the Republic of Kazakhstan of decisions of foreign courts, arbitral awards.

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