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Contract law


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    A well-thought out and competently drawn up contract is the basis of high-quality cooperation between the parties. A clear definition of each aspect of the transaction and the concept of the contract as a whole, miscalculation of commercial and legal risks and other nuances are important for eliminating the so-called “loopholes” in the contract and minimizing risks in the process of its implementation. Therefore, the preparation, analysis of the terms of the contracts is necessary for a lawyer. The lawyer will work out the structure of the transaction, identify “pitfalls”, will not allow ambiguous interpretations and discrepancies, will reduce to zero the possibility of canceling the transaction.

    In our company, the practice of “Contract Law” is one of the oldest. Lawyers of this practice work in close cooperation with lawyers of other areas, which allows us to comprehensively resolve issues that arise both at the stage of conclusion of the contract and during its implementation by the Parties.


    •  Drafting and analysis of commercial contracts, negotiating their conclusion.
    •  Identification of commercial and legal risks and impact planning.
    •  Structuring contractual relationships.
    •  Advice on state regulation of export / import.

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